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Topic Survey

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Here's how the ballots are stacking up for the next Kids' Money topic:

Extra Money (25.05%)

#2 - Saving (16.30%)

#3 - Investing (13.92%)

#4 - ATMs, Credit Cards, Checking Accounts (10.34%)

#5 - Budgeting (8.35%)

#6 - Spending (7.16%)

#7 - Rewards (6.36%)

#8 - Sharing (4.57%)

#9 - Advertising (4.17%)

#10 - Borrowing (3.78%)

Saving to a goal.
Allowance Chart.
A list of all the jobs that children can do to earn money (6).
Doing stuff at other people's home (2).
Computer investment programs.
Children pilfering parents' cash - latency age, not adolescents.
Fun jobs that kids can do to earn money (2).
Keeping a checkbook.
Foreign currencies.
How much people should pay me for babysitting (2).
Writing a resume.
Opening an account.
Counting (2).
Paying debts.
Chore chart.
Spending habits.

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Topic Survey

Please indicate your first choice for next Kids' Money in-depth feature (all results are submitted anonymously):

This becomes essential when kids start wanting things that cost more than one or two week's allowance. Should they be required to save? If so, at what age?

Who pays for gifts to friends and family? How do your children get money for donations?

How do you teach your kids to resist impulse purchases? Where's the best place to buy? How do you learn about a product? What's the right price?

The fire to buy is fueled by a barrage of advertising aimed at your kids. Can you help them put this information in the proper perspective?

Extra Money
Kids need a way to earn extra money. At a young age, this may involve work around the house. As they get older, they will have more and more opportunities to earn money outside the home. Should there be limits on how much they work or how they use they use this money?

Kids do it all the time. Should you limit this habit?

Most parents shutter at the term. You can help your kids be comfortable with it and realize the benefits of developing this habit at an early age.

Do you pay for chores, grades, soccer goals and the like? Is money the way to encourage and reward performance?

Kids want their money to work as hard as they do. What's the tradeoff between risk, return and convenience? What are their choices and how do they work?

ATMs, Credit Cards, Checking Accounts
When is it time for your child to have a checking account? An ATM card? A credit card? What do the financial institutions think?


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Kids' Money > Parents > Topic Survey

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