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As teens, you face new and significant financial challenges. Even if you have learned the skills and developed solid spending, saving and sharing habits, you will face many new financial obstacles as teenagers and young adults. The purpose of Kids' Money for Teens is to help you overcome those obstacles. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make the best possible decisions and help with your financial planning.

Why Bother?

Most people don't. They simply go through life and do the best they can with whatever information they pick up along the way. Financially, this can be, and often is, a recipe for disaster.

Only financially successful people take the time to research and use the information they discover to their advantage. What's your plan? If it's to learn all you can, you're at the right place.

Here's what we've got:

Career Planning

The biggest financial decision you will ever make is which career you will pursue. The career you choose, along with prudent financial management, can eliminate a lifetime of financial stress and assure your ultimate wealth.

We'll help you identify Work options and explore educational and training opportunities that can help you qualify for better paying jobs. We will also give you the information you need to write that first resume, prepare for that first job interview and minimize taxes.

Financial Planning

Spending, Saving and Sharing take on a whole new dimension when you're a teen. We've expanded those Topics and added three new ones:
  • Budgeting
  • Credit
  • Insurance

Wealth Building

This is where life gets really interesting. You're never too young to start. We'll explore Wealth Building in terms of both Investing and Entrepreneurship.

Why a Website? Why This Page?

There are many books that deal with the financial challenges of being a teen in great detail. They will give you the information you need and tell you exactly how to use it. We would encourage you to read and use them.

This website goes further:

  • We are real - just the hard-hitting facts you need
  • We are understand the progression - your parents have done what they could, now it's up to you
  • We are dynamic - always changing
  • We are collaborative - input from teens, parents, experts
  • We are multifaceted - we approach Topics from many different angles
  • We are focused - we cut through the clutter
Our goal is to financially prepare you for the real world and the real challenges you will face. We intend to help you through the difficult financial transition from childhood to adulthood and to achieve the financial success you seek.

Input & Opinion

Know a good resource for teens? Please let us know.

Have your own tips and ideas? Please Share them.

Like to Contribute an original article? Please Submit it.

Want to Comment on one of the resources we feature? Please feel free.

Have your own insightful or amusing story? Please Share it with our other teens.

Kids' Money is all about discovery and interaction. Become a part of it now. Start today building a better tomorrow.

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Kids' Money > Teens


If you're the studious type, you may want to read a book. We've got a number of good suggestions just for you.

If not, take it Area by Area and Topic by Topic. You could start with Career Planning and just work you way across the page.

  • Pick an Area
  • Choose a Topic
  • Select a Resource
  • Get the information
  • Share your thoughts and perspective
  • Come up with a plan
  • Pursue and adjust your plan

If you're ready, go ahead and select an Area and a Topic of interest and begin exploring the Resources available. Feel free to Share as you Learn.

And finally, keep coming back. We're constantly updating and expanding our Resources. Check back frequently to see all that we've added. Feel free to suggest Resources you think would be helpful.

We've always discovering and providing new Resources to help:

  • Professional Articles
  • The real-life challenges and successes of other Teens
  • Tons of relevant data from numerous sources
  • The opinions of Experts
  • A wealth of web-based Resources
  • Convenient access to hundreds of games, books, videos, learning activities

Thank you for being part of Kids' Money.

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