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The Joy of Saving

There is no joy you say. True joy comes with spending. Surely not. Possibly, this is a joy you have not experienced. Few have in this day and age.

Saving for most is either a lost art or a short-lived effort. The vast majority of people don't save at all. Many that do frequently tap into their savings for unexpected or more desirable expenses.

How would you go about teaching a child to save when you may not have much experience with it yourself?

Here's some ideas:

  • Do some research
    • Read books
    • Review articles
    • See what's available online
  • Think back to a time when you saved for something special
    • Recall the anticipation and excitement as you saw yourself getting closer and closer to your goal
    • Picture the thrill of going to the store and buying that special something you worked hard and saved diligently for
    • Think about the sense of accomplishment and pride of ownership that came with that purchase
    • Remember the loving place in your heart that item always held
    • Now, that's the Joy of Saving
    • That's the lifelong habit you want your child to enjoy

Kids' Money, thousands of other parents, journalists, experts and websites are here to help.

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Enjoy the adventure of teaching your kids about money!

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Kids' Money > Parents > Saving


Here's what you need to help your kids develop their Saving habits:

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  • Tools
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  • Books
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  • Success Stories
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