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To get a better idea of how best to find the information you need, it may be helpful to think of Kids' Money in terms of a four-sided pyramid.

Each side represents one of four perspectives from which you can pursue your quest for financial education.

The first side represents Kids' Money for Parents. This area provides information parents can use to help them put together and maintain an effective program to teach their kids about money and money management and help them kids develop strong financial habits.

The second side represents Kids' Money for Teachers. This area includes objectives, lesson plans, materials and many other resources for teachers to use in the classroom or home.

The third side represents Kids' Money for Kids. This area has both fun and educational games, activities and information for kids.

The fourth side represents Kids' Money for Teens. This area focuses on the more complex financial challenges kids face as teenagers. New Areas address Career Planning, Financial Planning and Wealth Building.

The mass of the pyramid represents the mass of information available through Kids' Money. It, too, is divided into fourths and aligns with the four areas of Kids' Money. The information within the Parents, Kids and Teens areas is organized by Topics and Resources. In the Teachers area, it is organized by Grade Levels and Resources.

The base of the pyramid represents the strong foundation of programs, products and initiatives supporting the financial education efforts of parents, teachers, kids and teens. These sources are divided into two areas - one highlighting the work of Kids' Money for Organizations and the other featuring International initiatives. These areas include a wide range of programs, products, workshops and materials.

Within the Parents, Teachers, Kids and Teens areas, you select a Topic (or Grade Level) and then chose the Resource you'd like to use. For instance, here are the Topics and Resources from the Parents' page:

TOPICS | Money Skills | Allowances | Spending | Saving | Sharing | Earning | Investing | Credit |
RESOURCES | Articles | Success Stories | Surveys | Statistics | Q & A | Web Resources | Tools | Books |

Say you want to learn more about Allowances. You click on the Allowances Topic. Then, you want to review some articles on Allowances to get an overview of the subject area. Simply click on Articles and you're ready to read.

Resources contain both original material and links to valuable information all over the Internet. Each respective area also includes a wealth of information submitted by Parents, Teachers, Kids and Teens based on their experiences and opinions.

Take the KM Challenge: Before you leave Kids' Money, check out at least one area, chose a Topic or two and review three or four Resources. Even if you don't need the information now, you'll know what we have and where to find it when you do. And if you don't need it, you'll know enough about Kids' Money to recommend it to a friend or associate. Thanks for visiting.

Kids' Money > Pyramid

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