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The financial education of children isn't limited to the school or home. Many groups and organizations provide great Resources that can help. New materials are developed every day. This area of Kids' Money is designed to help groups, organizations and everyone else identify opportunities that can assist with their educational efforts.

From the 4-H Military Partnerships website:

The 4-H/Army Child and Youth Services Teen Babysitter Curriculum "I have what it takes to be your Teen Babysitter" is comprised of a Facilitator Guide, A Student Guide with supplementing CD Rom, a set of Student Worksheets and an Information Card designed for qualified 4-H and military Child & Youth program staff to train teens, aged 13-18 in Babysitting Skills. The curriculum is divided into 8 Chapters. Teens learn about the ages and stages of child growth and development, safety, food and nutrition, how to handle emergencies, appropriate activities to implement with children, and the business of babysitting. Successful completion of the course includes 8 hours of First Aid and CPR. Graduates receive a Certificate and wallet card. Online materials include:

Kids' Money > Organizations > Military - Workshops

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