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The financial education of children isn't limited to the school or home. Many groups and organizations provide great Resources that can help. New materials are developed every day. This area of Kids' Money is designed to help groups, organizations and everyone else identify opportunities that can assist with their educational efforts.

National 4-H Curriculum

State 4-H programs within the Cooperative Extension System, National 4-H Headquarters at USDA, and National 4-H Council have formed a new partnership to provide leadership for the development of National 4-H Curriculum. More than 180 curriculum products are available, including several focusing on youth financial education.

  • Reading Makes Cents features activities using selected children's literature with money as a theme that help kids in the 3rd to 5th grade learn how to handle money.
  • Financial Champions teaches the basics of managing money for 7th to 12th graders.
  • Consumer Savvy focuses on basic consumer education skills, including decision making, managing resources, and acquiring, analyzing, and using information.
  • Get in the Act prepares middle school children for their first job.
  • Entrepreneurship: Be the E empowers youth with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to meet the challenges of work and community in the 21st century.

If you have experience with any of these programs or work with Cooperative Extension and would like to add or amend any of this information, please email Kids' Money. Thank you.

Reading Makes Cents

A collection of 53 experimental activities developed around exemplary children's literature that has money as a theme. The selected literature explores ideas, activities and strategies that help children learn how to earn, save, share and spend. Includes a rich diversity of settings, people, income levels, relationships, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, holidays and intergenerational friendships all related to money messages and learning. Intended for Grades 3 - 5.

Supplemental materials are also available online.


Financial Champions

Financial Champions 1: Money FUNdamentals
Activities allow kids to develop a money personality profile and style, explain needs and wants, deal with money decisions, set financial goals and develop a money plan. Intended for Grades 7 - 9.

Financial Champions 2: Money Moves
Kids learn how to predict outcomes and analyze their finances. They calculate interest, determine the cost of credit, manage a checking account, select financial services, make marketplace decisions and discover eleven ways of handling money. Intended for Grades 9 - 12.

Financial Champions: Helper's Guide
Assists in involving kids in the right fully-developed group activities that expand the concepts in the Money FUNdamentals and Money Moves guides.


Consumer Savvy

The Consumer in Me
Kids experience what it means to be a consumer in terms of saving, spending and sharing.

Consumer Wise
Introduces kids to the influence of peer pressure, the power of advertising and the expanding Internet marketplace as they learn to make independent shopping decisions.

Consumer Roadmap
Teens navigate the potholes in the marketplace enroute to becoming savvy consumers.

Helper's Guide
Materials that help volunteers facilitate learning situations for various ages of children. Numerous group activities are suggested to help kids develop essential skills as they pursue their interest in consumer education.

Supplemental materials are also available online.


Workforce Readiness

Get in the Act! Take One: Youth Guide + CD
This innovative program is designed to help middle school youth explore what it takes to get their first paying job. This interactive experience combines both CD and activity guide formats. Presented in the context of a movie set.

Get in the Act! Take One: Helper's Guide
Educators both in and out of the classroom will enjoy using this guide with the CD to incorporate workforce skills in their curricula. It?s an interactive experience, making it exciting for middle school youth.

Supplemental materials are also available online.



Entrepreneurship: Be the E
- Learn about business types, products, pricing, marketing, agreements and contracts.
- Go through the process of developing a business plan and starting a business.
- Do market surveys, budget forecasts, exit strategies, ethics and more.

Helper's Guide
Material covers life skills, teaching using Experimental Learning Model, entrepreneurship, answers to questions in the youth manual and experimental activities correlated to the national standards.

Supplemental materials are also available online.


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