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Kids' Money is many things to many people. Most simply come here to Learn. If that's your objective, here are some tips that can help you on your journey.

Choose a Perspective
The learning resources at Kids' Money are extensive. The first step is to choose the perspective from which you want to gather information. Your choices are: Parent, Teacher or Kid.

Choose a Topic
Topics are listed at the top of the Parents', Teachers' or Kids' pages. Once you select a Topic, you'll be able to chose between the various types of Resources available for that Topic.

Choose a Resource
The Resources don't become "live" until you chose a Topic. Once that's done, select the Resource that offers the information you're looking for.

The Teachers area is organized by Grade Level rather than by Topic. In that area, you'll select a Grade Level and then choose the appropriate Resource.

Each of the main pages include:

  • The Home , Teachers , Parents , Kids , Search and Contact Us icons, to the right of the Kids' Money pig, which take you directly to these primary destinations

  • The Meet, Explore, Learn, Share, Submit, Partner, Shop and Ask links, just under the pink bar, which can help you discover more about Kids' Money and how you can most effectively use the site

Learn & Share

As you become more knowledgeable and gain some experience, you'll start refining the processes you learn here. You will develop your own take on financial education. Please pause a minute and Share your views, opinions and experiences with other visitors.

We think of the relationship between learning and sharing in terms of the old hand-cranked railcar with one handle being learn and the other share. You learn, you share, you learn, you share and so on as you progress down the track to financial expertise.

Kids' Money > Learn

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