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Saving For An Emergency
Copyright 2010, Investor Education Fund
Having enough cash on hand to cover emergencies like fender benders, unexpected repairs, replacement of lost or stolen items can save you money. Putting these emergency purchases on credit will cost you more in the long run if you don't pay them off right away because of high interest rates. Having money put away can really save the day.

Time to Learn to Save-A-Lot
Mr. Save-A-Lot explains the bank to the Dollarmites and sets them on the challenge of earning enough coins to open an account.

Episode 1 - Saving & Investing
The importance of putting saving and investing before spending.

Episode 2 - Saving & Investing
The need to start learning early in life.

Episode 3 - Saving & Investing
The importance of starting with a doable plan.

Kids' Money > Kids > Saving - Videos

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