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Survey Results

Making Money Survey

Submit your own Money Making suggestion. Check out the survey results.
What you can do:
How much you can charge: $ per
How old you need to be:
Tips on getting started:
Tips for success:

Making Money Survey Results

Looking for ways to make money? Check out the latest list from Kid's Money parents and kids. Select an item and see how much you can make as well as how to get started and become successful.

(Kids - Always remember to talk with your parents before you pursue these or any other money-making ideas.)

Type Papers
Teach Swimming
Take Pet Pictures
Buy And Sell Used Bikes
Wrap Gifts
Shovel Snow
Take Kids' Pictures
Teach Computers
Make Greeting Cards
Tutor / Teach
Make Beaded Lizards
Pet Sit
Walk Dogs
Sell Lemonade / Kool Aid / Sodas / Juice
Clean Houses
Deliver Papers
Wash Cars
Rake Leaves
Mow Lawns

Note: Ages For Rates And Tips Are Shown In Parenthesis.

Activity: Type Papers
  • $0.10 Per Word (10+)
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Pass around flyers in your neighborhood or advertise at a local school (10+).
Tips For Success:
  • Be a fast and accurate typist. Always use spell checker and grammar check (10+).

Activity: Teach Swimming
  • $2.00 Per Hour (2+)
Tips On Getting Started:
  • If you learned how to swim and want to teach it, you could teach kids of all ages. It is a great way to make money, especially in the summer!! So check out an easy way to make money (and it is fun, too) (2+).

Activity: Take Pet Pictures
  • $3.00 - $5.00 Per Picture (8-15)
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Buy your supplies first. Know what you need and what you don't need. Start out with a camera, film, backdrop, and other things you think you might need (8-15).
Tips For Success:
  • The best thing you could do is make flyers. It should state where you live, what you do, and your phone number. To make it snazzy, add a picture that you have once taken. You could also offer enlargements. Remember, the other person only keeps the picture. You have complete control over the negatives! You can even enter a picture contests with someone else's picture!

Activity: Buy And Sell Used Bikes
  • $20.00 To $60.00 Per Bike (10+)
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Buy old bikes that cost 5-10 dollars. Once you have them, you have to fix them up and sell them for more. Remember the experience depends on how well it sells (10+).
Tips For Success:
  • Buy in style bikes, but make sure they're cheap. Also, to sell them, go to garage sales of others with the bike and advertise (10+).

Activity: Wrap Gifts
  • $2.00 Per Half Hour ($3.00 Canadian) (10+)
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Pass out fliers. Tell your parent's friends about it and/or at work (10+).
Tips For Success:
  • Be prompt on what time you would give back their presents. Be honest and friendly (10+).

Activity: Shovel Snow
  • $5.00 To $10.00 (Depending On The Size Of The Yard) (10+)
  • $3.00 Per House (9+)
9+, 10+
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Try shoveling with a friend. Go to peoples houses you know (10+).
  • Go around your neighborhood and offer to shovel sidewalks for $3.00. Make sure you do a good job and that you don't forget any spots because they might not ask you back again. Be polite and even if they don't ask you to shovel say thank you because next time they may ask you because you were polite (9+)!
Tips For Success:
  • Don't take jobs you can't handle (10+)!
  • Be polite. Bring your own supplies. Wear warm clothes because you'll get cold (9+).

Activity: Take Kids' Pictures (Take a Polaroid camera to a fair where kids are getting their face painted. Put the picture in a cardboard frame you painted.)
  • Around $3.00 Per Picture (Frames Cost an Extra $2.00) (Canadian)
Old enough to operate a camera.
Tips On Getting Started:
  • First, buy a camera if you don't have one. Buy your film in bulk. You can use it after, if business isn't that great.
Tips For Success:
  • Buy enough film and make enough frames. Maybe, you can get the kids to paint the frames. Make everything look really cute and stuff. I recommend JoyCam because the pictures are small and neat looking!!

Activity: Teach Computers
  • $3.00 Per Hour (10)

Activity: Make Greeting Cards
  • $2.00 Per Card (8+)
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Make colorful decorations on construction or plain paper (8+).
Tips For Success:
  • Go door to door dressed for the occasion (8+).

Activity: Tutor / Teach
  • $2.50 Per Hour (14)
  • $10.00 Per Person (13)
13, 14
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Give lessons on what you're good at. I teach piano for 2 kids. It's easy and it's not labor or hard work! First of all, you need to be very good at the subject you prepare to each. Not just some silly knowledge of the subject. To get the word out, post posters at local market place's bulletin boards where a lot of people can see. Say how long you have been studying and the awards you have won to grab people's attention. Make little slips that people can take home to call you (13).
  • Find a kid who is struggling (14).
Tips For Success:
  • Know what you are doing. Respect your students, they are beginners, not like you, a professional. Picture yourself learning computer basics from an engineer. Ask questions before teaching a new student like when is your birthday, so you can always buy some treats to give him or her. If the student is really into this subject, teach some serious stuff. If the student is jest learning for fun, make the lesson fun! Be funny, broad, compliment your students to make them feel more confident (13).
  • Be nice (14).

Activity: Make Beaded Lizards
$1.00 to $2.00 Per Lizard (9&Up)
$1.00 Per Lizard (Doesn't Matter)

9&Up, Doesn't Matter
Tips On Getting Started:
First, you need to get one or two people to do it with you. Then, if you don't know how to make lizards, learn. After you learn how, then you need to make a lot of lizards. When you plan a date and time, you can get together and start selling (9&Up).
Get good, reliable friends to help you with the money you earn and to help make them.

Tips For Success:
At every door you get to be polite even if they are mean to you. You need to say thank you even if they don't buy a lizard. Sell all different kinds of lizards and not just one or two kinds or colors. Oh and have fun and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (9&Up).
Don't be afraid to make the prices high for good profits.


Activity: Mow Lawns
  • $25.00 Per Yard (Depending on Size of Yard) (12)
  • $20.00 Per Lawn (13)(2)
  • $20.00 Per Lawn (12)
  • $20.00 Per Job (10)
  • $15.00 Per Week (11 And Up)
  • $10.00 Per Yard (12-15), (10-15)
  • $10.00 Per Yard (8-14)
  • $10.00 Per Lawn (13)(2)
  • $10.00 Per Lawn (12)
  • $10.00 Per Yard (12)
  • $10.00 Per Lawn (10)
  • $10.00 Per Lawn (7-60)
  • $8.00 - $10.00 Per Yard (8 And Up)
  • $6.00 Per Lawn (Any Age)
  • $5.00 - $15.00 Per Lawn (12)
  • $5.00 Per Yard (13-15)
  • $5.00 Per Yard (13)
  • $5.00 Per Yard (11)
  • $5.00 Per Lawn (7)
  • $5.00 Per Lawn
  • $3.00 Per Lawn (11)
  • $10.00 Per Half Hour (13)
  • $10.00 Per Hour (12)
  • $5.00 Per 30 Minutes (10+)
  • $7.00 Per Hour (12)
  • $5.00 (Canadian) Per Hour (14)
  • $3.00 Per Hour (12)
  • $4.00 Per 2 Hours (13-16)
7, 7-60, 8-14, 8 And Up, 10, 10-15, 11, 11 And Up, 12(7), 12-15, 13-16, 13, 14, Any Age
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Mower, Blower, Edger, Weedeater (12).
  • Mow neighbors first, then grow (12-15).
  • Brainstorm for your ideas for fliers then print out at least 30-50 of them and put your phone, address and other things so they can contact you (10-15)!!!!
  • Around neighborhood (14).
  • Put up signs, tell friends to tell parents, etc (12).
  • Just do it and have fun (10+).
  • Make business cards and put up a web site (13-16).
  • Ask parents if you can mow the grass (13-15).
  • Be consistent, work hard and give it your best (13).
  • Lawn mover, rakes (10).
  • You need two people, some customers and the right tools (13).
  • By getting a lawnmower then trying to find lawns to mow.
  • Have a mower and a couple of people you know (12).
  • Start with one and try to let your neighbors see you cutting (8-14).
  • Have your Dad teach you how to mow (10).
  • Put a sign in your yard telling people who you are, what you do and how much you charge. Post your sign also at the grocery stores and other businesses (8 And Up).
  • Lower the blade (7-60).
  • Ask people that are older or start at a lower price, do good and start raising your price.
  • Start with the biggest part of the yard first, then work your way to the smallest part (11 And Up).
  • Go from house to house asking people if they want yard work done (12).
  • Borrow parents lawn mower and rake (12).
  • Ask people (7).
  • Walk around the neighborhood asking for jobs to mow their yards (13).
Tips For Success:
  • Be Courteous (12).
  • Neat jobs do best (12-15).
  • Consistency in work (14).
  • Do a very good job (12).
  • When he / she says good job or you did so good, they will pay you extra (10+).
  • Be kind and be very generous (13-16).
  • Charge 2.00 - 3.00 dollars and as your business grows, charge more money like 4.00 - 6.00 dollars (13-15).
  • Be very nice and dress nicely and don't act like you are stupid and don't overcharge or u won't get a customer (13).
  • Work hard (10).
  • Be kind (13).
  • Going in straight lines so you don't miss a spot of grass.
  • Do the best job you can do, because I mowed lawns and if you do a better job than expected you might get more money than you asked for (12).
  • Take your time and never start hungry or thirsty (8-14).
  • Go slow and think about money (10).
  • Don't forget the money when u leave (7-60).
  • Go to rich neighborhoods and go to as many houses as possible (12).
  • Make up flyers (12).
  • Make sure you do a good job and ask them if they want you to come back (13).

Activity: Rake Leaves
$2.00 Per Hour (9)
$10.00 Per Half Hour (13)

9, 13
Tips On Getting Started:
Be consistent, work hard and give it your best (13).
Tips For Success:
Be very nice and dress nicely and don't act like you are stupid and don't overcharge or u won't get a customer (13).

Activity: Deliver Papers
  • $120.00 Per Month (12+)
  • $5.00 (Canadian) Per Day (It Depends)
  • $20.00 Per Week (10)
  • $30.00 Per Month (12)

It depends, 10, 12
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Have a bike. Get a route close to home. Make sure you can take the responsibility (12+).
  • Introduce yourself to all your customers, show your manager that you're interested in the job (It Depends).
Tips For Success:
  • Give good service. Be courteous. Be nice (12+).
  • Keep yourself organized in collecting the money. Pay your bills on time (It Depends).

Activity: Clean Houses
  • $5.00 Per Hour (15)
  • $4.00 Per Hour (12)
  • $3.00 Per Hour (Around 10)
  • $11.00 Per Week (10)
  • $10.00 Per Week (13)
10, Around 10, 12, 13, 15
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Work for people you know. Pack a lunch. Make sure you already have a couple of dollars for flyer copies (around 10).
Tips For Success:
  • Start around 11 o'clock so you're not tired and you can finish your job early but don't rush or else your job won't look good (around 10).

Activity: Wash Cars
  • $11.00 Per Week (10)
  • 5 Pounds (English) Per Car
  • 4 Rand (South African) Per Car (10)
  • 2 Pounds (Irish) Per Car (9)
  • $5.00 (Canadian) Per 30 Minutes (10+)
  • $5.00 (Canadian) Per Car (13), (8 and Up)
  • $5.00 Per Car (10-15)
  • $4.50 Per Car (8 Up)
  • $3.75 Per Car (10 and Up)
8 and up (2), 9, 10 (2), 10+, 10 and up, 10-15, 13
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Go around house to house and knock on door (8 Up).
  • Make a sign. Get water (10-15).
  • Buy different size brushes, car soap, window cleaner and have a hose nearby (10 and up).
  • Start small (10).
  • Get started by asking you Mum does she have any old sponges you could use or buy some (9).
  • Just get some soap and some rags and find some customers and you're all set (8 and up).
  • Make signs (13).
  • Just gotta wash (10+).
Tips For Success:
  • Wash a lot of cars (8 up).
  • Have fun (10-15).
  • Start a schedule like every Sunday, Monday night or weekend. Then, more people will come (10 and up).
  • Do a very good job and you might get paid more (9).

Activity: Babysit
  • $7.00 Per Hour (12)
  • $5.00 Per Hour (12+) (2), (10)
  • $4.00 to $5.00 Per Hour (13 or Older)
  • $4.00 Per Hour (11.5), (10)
  • $3.70 Per Hour (Plus $1.15 Per Extra Kid) (At Least 13)
  • $3.50 Per Hour (12) (2)
  • $3.00 Per Hour (8-18), (12) (4), (10 or Older)
  • $3.00 (Canadian) Per Hour (12)
  • $2.50 Per Hour (12)
  • $2.00 to $4.00 Per Hour (11+)
  • $2.00 Per Hour (12+), (13)
  • $5.00 Per Child (12)
  • $4.00 Per Child (12)
  • $3.00 Per Child (12)
  • $2.50 Per Person (12)
  • $2.00 Per Kid (12)
8-18, 10 (2), 10 or older, 11+, 11.5, 12 (13), 12+ (3), 13, at least 13, 13 or older
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Love what you do and do what you love (at least 13).
  • Take a class (12).
  • Ask friends and neighbors if they need people to baby-sit and then they will tell people and your business will grow (12+).
  • Bring games for the kids and if there are parks nearby take them to that. If it's still light out ask the parents if you can take the kids for a bike ride or go on their roller blades down the road (12).
  • Take the American Red Cross Baby-Sitting Course for a license (13).
  • Post up signs all over your town or city (12+).
  • Make sure you know CPR. Have fun with kids. Be responsible (11+)
  • Go to a baby-sitting practice thing and help you Mom with her baby or your Aunt (10).
  • Put fliers up at schools, malls and supermarkets. Also, once you start baby-sitting for one family, they will tell about your service to other people, and before you know it you will have a lot of clients (12).
  • First take a course at your local YMCA. Then, when you graduate the course tell your parents to spread the word that you are a trained baby-sitter (12).
  • Ask people you know or people your parents know. Then, they might recommend you to people they know (10 or older).
  • Find a kid that needs to be baby-sat (10).
  • Learn with a brother and sister (13 or older).
  • Ask Mom and Dad for help.
  • Put an ad in the newspaper (12).
  • Try not to over price or under price because they won't take you if you are over priced! If you are under priced everyone will want you and then when you raise it they will all be guilty or maybe even mad and find a new sitter (12)!!
  • Ask some of your parent's friends who have known you forever and who trust you and have young kids (12).
  • Get friends involved it helps a lot, but make sure these friends are ones you can get along with (12).
  • Just ask, it can't hurt (12+)
  • Put up flyers (12).
  • Start out with children older and not babies. For example, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are good ages to start with (11.5).
  • You should usually hand out business cards or put up flyers (8-18).
  • Take a course at your community center that will provide you with the necessary skills to become a babysitter. You could also try and take CPR courses, too (12).
Tips For Success:
  • Meet with your employer early to assure you know everything (at least 13).
  • Try and be nice to the kids and parents - you can get extra money sometimes. Also, make sure that the house is clean and the kids are in bed when their parent(s) get home (12+).
  • Fill out a form for each person you baby-sit and ask them to fill it out. It should be questions on the kids and where you can reach the parent (12).
  • Make business cards and let friends and neighbors know you are willing to baby-sit and your fees and schedule (13).
  • Let them do whatever they want even if you don't like to do what they want to (12+).
  • Be in control. Have things under control. If you can, go to a baby-sitting clinic (11+).
  • Put up signs and info and you might get some business (10).
  • Never baby-sit for any children that don't listen or tell you "no". In case of an emergency, you would not be able to save their life (12).
  • After about 2 years if you are still interested form a group of other kids that have done the same thing and you will be like a baby-sitting organization (12).
  • Do stuff that the kids want to do and be nice (10 or older).
  • Don't let them break anything (10).
  • Do special things for the parents like washing dishes (13 or older).
  • Be friendly and helpful.
  • Try to play with the children and have fun with them (12).
  • Always know the phone numbers and address where the parents will be, the neighbors number, poison control, the police and just stuff like that in case of an emergency and if you live up north have the number for the gas company to turn off the gas and get out if you can smell it (12)!!!!!!:)
  • Be nice (12).
  • Stay with what you start (12).
  • Do your best and don't forget them (12+)
  • Bring games and show parents how responsible you are by asking questions about the child like age, weight, height and know all emergency numbers.
  • Give an interview about yourself and get an interview about the child to see what they like, when they should go to bed, favorite games and what foods they like and dislike (11.5).
  • Be polite and try to do everything perfect (8-18).
  • Always bring a babysitting manual so the parents know you will be prepared. Also bring your cards that say you have completed a babysitting course or CPR course for reference. You can also try and be 10 minutes early to gain information about the baby and other important facts (12).
Check out more baby-sitting info and tips at Kids' Baby-Sitting.

Activity: Sell Lemonade / Kool Aid / Sodas / Juice
  • $1.00 Per Cup (Fresh Luscious Lemonade) (16)
  • $1.00 or $0.50 Per Cup (5-10)
  • $0.75 Per Soda Can (5)
  • $0.50 Per Cup (Any age), (10)
  • $0.25 Per Cup (5) (3), (6) (2), (7)
  • $1.00 (Canadian) Per 10 Glasses (7)
Any age, 5 (3), 5-10, 6 (2), 7 (2), 10, 10 and up, 16
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Setup near grocery store and when you run out go buy lemons (5-10).
  • Make lots of lemonade (6).
  • Get all the supplies. Find out who will work at the stand (10).
  • Make a stand (any age).
  • Make the stand yourself, so you get more money and your parents don't get any (5).
  • Get the things you need, like sodas, at a sale (5).
  • First buy the Kool Aid powder, make the Kool Aid and sell (7).
  • Start a list of things that I need (10 and up)!
  • Making the lemonade and getting the cups (5).
Tips For Success:
  • You must be nice. Don't go chasing after cars (5-10).
  • Take the lemonade in a wagon around your neighborhood. Give out a free cookie with each cup (6).
  • Make good lemonade. Set up a stand by a busy road (10).
  • Yell to the cars (any age).
  • Keep prices low so more people come and you will get more money (5).
  • Set up your stand at garage sales (5).
  • Have things ready for customers (5).
  • Keep on yelling what you want people to know (7).
  • Make sure I have enough customers to stay in business (10 and up)!
  • I did the lemonade (5).

Activity: Pet Sit
  • $100.00 Per 2 Weeks (10-Up)
  • $15.00 Per Day (11)
  • $4.50 Per Visit (12+)
10-up, 11, 12+
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Usually start off by calming the animal and creating a relationship with the animal which makes it easier to work with. An idea could be to cuddle. Give treats a little more than necessary (a little). Lots of love. Then, try to keep its attention a lot. Be very safe. Always keep your eye on the animal (all times). Groom every so often (keep pretty) - combing hair, washing, everything if necessary. Treat the animal with your most respect and everything should just about go great (10-up).
  • Buy with your extra savings stuff to help you take care of dogs - like toys and a bed. Also, hand out fliers or go door to door (11).
Tips For Success:
  • Be friendly and open and do your job right so the customers will come back (11)!

Activity: Walk Dogs
  • $5.00 Per 30 Minutes (12)
  • $3.00 Per Hour (8-18)
  • $1.00 Per Hour (9+)
  • $5.00 Per Week (7)
  • $2.00 Per Dog (10)
7, 8-18, 10
Tips On Getting Started:
  • Start with small dogs for a short amount of time (9+).
  • Work (7).
  • You should usually hand out business cards or put up flyers (8-18).
Tips For Success:
  • Work more (7).
  • Be polite and try to do everything perfect (8-18).

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