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Other Resources

Babysitting's Training, Red Cross
Information on the Red Cross Babysitting Training Course which is taught all over the country and designed for 11 to 15 year olds. Intro page also has links to PDFs for Babysitter's Report Record, two Business Card Templates, Family Information Card, Family Interview Form, Parental Consent and Contact Form, Resume Template, Safety Inspection Checklist, Self-Assessment Tool and Activity Booklet.

A Guide to the Business of Babysitting, University of Illinois Extension
A guide to the business of babysitting for 14-19 year olds. This site has it all. Information about how to do business, what to expect at various ages and stages, and how to care for kids. Also, it covers what to ask parents and how to ensure your safety and the safety of the children under your care. It even has a make-your-own advertising flyer. A great way to encourage young entrepreneurs. (Also available in Spanish).

Baby-Sitting Guide for Young People, NSW Commission for Children & Young People
Babysitting is the most common job undertaken by 12-15 year olds in NSW with 21% working as babysitters. So we’ve developed a new kit for kids working as babysitters. It's got practical tips for a safe and good experience for everyone involved. It's also designed to help parents work with their babysitters to get the best results for all.

Baby-Sitting Checklist

Baby-Sitting Guide for Parents

Guide for Babysitters
When you babysit, you are entrusted with a child's life. Your primary responsibility is to care for the children's needs and most of all: keep them safe.

Babysitters Emergency Contact Form
Fill in the blanks.

Babysitter's Checklist
A Word document, fill-in-the blanks on your computer form from Kimberly L. Keith, a former guide.

Ann's Tips on Baby-Sitting,
From "The Baby-Sitters Club Guide to Baby-Sitting" by Ann M. Martin.
Discusses what to do with a baby, a toddler, a six-year-old and up.
Suggests age-appropriate books, games, crafts and songs.

Safe Food for Babies and Children: A Guide for Babysitters, NDSU Agriculture and University Extension
Infants and young children are especially vulnerable to foodborne illness and even a small error in food preparation could cause severe illness. Check out this information to learn more about what jobs to accept, how to handle emergencies and how to be safe in the kitchen when preparing and serving food.

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