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Allowance Survey

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Survey Results

Five Easy Allowance Questions

Do you get an allowance? Yes No

Do you have to do chores for it? Yes No

Do you have to save some of it? Yes No

Can you pretty much spend your allowance any way you want? Yes No

Are you satisfied with your allowance system or lack of one? Yes No

Thank you. Please feel free to send us any further comments you may have on allowances or on any other subject related to Kids' Money.

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Five Easy Allowance Questions Survey Results

Here's how Kids' Money kids are responding to those Five Easy Allowance Questions:

  • 77% get allowances
  • 70% have to do chores for their allowance
  • 38% have to save a portion of their allowance
  • 68% can pretty much spend their allowance anyway they want
  • 69% are satisfied with their allowance or lack of one

Now it's your turn. Take a minute and voice your opinion on Five Easy Allowance Questions.


Kids' Money > Kids > Allowance Survey

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