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Kid's Investing tools:

Many of these tools start with a book. But each offers a little bit more. Maybe it's an actual share of stock or an engaging game to play. After you've tried them, please take a minute and let us know what you think. Thank you.

Tools for Ages 9 and Older

I'm A Shareholder Kit: The Basics About Stocks For Kids / Teens by Rick Roman. Leading Edge Gifts, 2009.
Comes with the opportunity of true stock ownership. Breaks through the clutter to teach kids about the stock market and managing money. Each mailing from THEIR company becomes a learning opportunity: a dividend check, an annual report, a gift to shareholders, or an invitation to a company's shareholder meeting.

$tock Matters for Kids, An Introduction to Stock and Ownership by Byron Beach., 2006.
Buy one share of your child's favorite stock and get a personalized gift card, a Quick Reference Guide with a timeline for the stock's arrival, a full-color Owner's Manual, a 60-page eBook ($tock Matters) and a free phone consultation with a Parent Investment Specialist.

The Stock Market Game, A Simulation of Stock Market Trading by Dianne Draze. Prufrock Press, 2005.
The Stock Market Game is a fun, informative simulation game that provides the information and framework for students to learn about the economics and psychology of the stock market. This easy-to-use guide includes: information about all aspects of company ownership; information on stocks, stock prices, the stock market, buying and selling stocks, and forces that affect stock prices; a mini-simulation that can be completed in one week; and a longer simulation that follows the real stock market for several months.

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