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The international interest in Kids' Money is growing every day. In just the last few months, we have had visitors from 187 countries.

The success of Kids' Money International depends on your input. Please let us know of initiatives, programs, workshops and materials in your part of the world. Get involved today!

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By Region


  • European Commission - Financial Education
    Includes links to and information on the:
    • European Database for Financial Education
    • Expert Group on Financial Education
    • Communication on Financial Education
    • Conference on "Increasing Financial Capability"

  • European Banking Federation Report on Financial Literacy
    Report covers a broad spectrum of initiatives taken by EBF members and their member banks. Projects range from websites teaching basic skills in financing - targeted at an audience from 5-7 years old to university-level education, and projects with a more hands-on approach for the aged population.

Middle East and North Africa

  • INJAZ al-Arab
    INJAZ al-Arab harnesses the mentorship of Arab business leaders to help inspire a culture of entrepreneurialism and business innovation among Arab youth. Operating in 12 countries across the Middle East and North Africa region, INJAZ al-Arab is a confederation of national operations collaborating with corporate volunteers and Ministries of Education to provide experiential education and training to Arab youth in work readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship. INJAZ al-Arab is a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide.


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