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The international interest in Kids' Money is growing every day. In just the last few months, we have had visitors from 187 countries. Our international visitors tend to view the most pages and spend the most time on the site.

We believe financial education addresses basic human needs and how people satisfy those needs. As a result of this commonality, many of the Tools and Resources provided on this site will be helpful to people and organizations around the world.

At the same time, every culture and every nation have their own unique values, traditions and financial practices. That is the basis for Kids' Money International. In this area, we will provide information and links to global public and private initiatives, programs, workshops and materials.

Please let us know of initiatives, programs, workshops and materials in your country. The success of Kids' Money International depends on your input. Get involved today!

Kids' Money wants you! Stand up and make your voice heard:


  • Aflatoun, Child Social & Financial Education
    Aflatoun provides children with the building blocks of life, encouraging them to save their resources and start social and financial microenterprises.

  • ChildFinance
    ChildFinance seeks to provide a link between children and financial systems by introducing children to basic financial principles through education as well as increasing their access to financial products and services, and, inversely, creating a greater sensitivity within the financial community towards child-friendly practices.

  • Youth Save, Helping Youth Build a Tangible Stake in Their Future
    The YouthSave Consortium works with one financial institution and one research partner in four countries - Colombia, Ghana, Kenya and Nepal - to achieve its three primary objections:
    1. Deliver sustainable savings programs for low-income youth (12-18).
    2. Document the uptake, savings outcomes, and impacts of these youth savings accounts on clients and financial institutions.
    3. Sharing findings and lessons learned on their website.

  • Financial Education - A Global Approach, Daniel Britton
    Highlights programs in South Africa, Scotland, Australia and China.

  • Kiva - Youth Groups
    Empowers individuals to lend to young entrepreneurs around the world.

  • Junior Achievement Worldwide
    JA seeks to prepare and inspire young people to succeed in a global economy with nearly 150 U.S. offices and International Members in nearly 100 countries. Links to local contacts and websites are listed under individual countries below. JA Worldwide is a partnership between the business community, educators and volunteers all working together to inspire young people to dream big and reach their potential. They use hands-on, experiential programs to teach the key concepts of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy to approximately 8 million students a year all over the world. Their age-appropriate curricula begins at the elementary school level, teaching children how they can impact the world around them as individuals, workers and consumers. JA programs continue through the middle and high school grades, preparing students for future economic and workforce issues they'll face. Most programs are distributed globally.

  • Making Cents International
    Builds and strengthens the youth enterprise and livelihoods sector by creating learning opportunities and networks resulting in stronger partnerships, programs, and policies that support young entrepreneurs.

  • Operation HOPE - Banking on Our Future
    A global delivery system for financial education for youth ages 9-18 at no cost to school districts, with a focus on urban, under-served communities. The program consists of five modules:
    1. Basics of Banking and Financial Services
    2. Checking & Savings Accounts
    3. The Power of Credit
    4. Basic Investments
    5. Dignity
    Taught by volunteer HOPE Corp members.

  • Youth Learning, The MasterCard Foundation
    Program aims to prepare youth to engage in the economy and lead change in their communities.

  • The Children, Youth & Economic Strengthening (CYES) Network
    The CYES Network and Learning Platform were established to build a network of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of children through effective economic strengthening programming.

  • Young People: Your Future, Your Money, Global Financial Education Program
    Arms young people (ages 16 - 22) with new knowledge and skills, making them more able to not only manage day-to-day expenses and risks, and to also plan ahead for life cycle needs, enter the workforce and take advantage of economic opportunities. Content Notes offer additional insight into the program.

  • Teaching Children Financial Responsibility
    Compares results of survey responses from parents in the United States, Canada, China, Cyprus, South Africa and Slovakia.

  • Gallery of World Banknotes
    Image gallery of thousands of banknotes world-wide.


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