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Babysitting Jobs

Babysitting Survey Results

Check out the latest Babysitting Survey results.

Here's how kids come up with an hourly rate:

  • 52% leave it up to the parent(s)
  • 43% set an hourly rate
  • 6% use another approach

Here's the average hourly rates by age:

Age Avg Hr Rate Per Add Kid
11 $3.02 $1.34
12 $3.77 $1.68
13 $3.70 $1.15
14 $3.52 $1.33
15 $5.85 $2.30
16 $4.29 $1.61
17 $3.13 $0.88
18 $5.00 $3.00

Here's some tips from other kids:

  • Make up a Surprise box. It has little toys, colouring books, maybe a treat. Different things each time so the kids look forward to my coming and its different from their toys and things.
  • Play with the kids A LOT!! He tells his mom that he likes you and they'll hire you again which concludes to more money.
  • Just let um have fun and be nice.
  • Lock the doors after the parents leave!!!!
  • Make sure the child is happy, safe, and asleep, so you can have some peace to yourself.
  • Play with the children. Do holiday and seasonal crafts to keep them busy.
  • Bring a bag with kids toys that you used to play with as a kid and try to bring ones that'll fit the age group you'll be sitting for that day.
  • Always carry a fun bag! With toy's, colouring books, videos, ETC.
  • Don't let the kids walk all over you. If he or she wants something they're not allowed to have or do, show them something else to get their mind off it. (Works for younger kids.)
  • Don't give them sugar.
  • Don't put ice on a chipped tooth.
  • I love to play with the kids.
  • Have as much fun as possible!!!
  • Bring stuff the kids like to do: games, movies, etc.
  • My baby-sitting tip is - When the kid whom you are baby-sitting says, "But Mom let's me do it!" you don't have to let them or not let them do something. Because the kid may be misunderstood, lying, or their parents use bad judgment to let them do something wrong. Use good judgment.
  • Lay down the rules right away or the kids think they can get away with anything!
  • Bring crayons, books and stuff for the kid! And always watch them, never lay your eyes off them until they are in bed!
  • Take the children out for the afternoon. To the park, ball games, zoo's, McDonald's. Just plan what to do before going over there or you will go crazy.
  • If they are bad, send them to bed. Don't give in or they will not respect you.
  • Be friends with the child, but when it comes to responsibility, you're the adult.
  • Don't let the kids try to rule over you, control their behavior!!!!! If they are good, treat them with a surprise.
  • Bring movies for the kids to watch and ask them questions about things happening in the movie. The kids are more likely to pay attention if they think you are too.
  • Have fun with the kids.
  • Be nice.
  • Play fun games. Be nice. If an infant, talk softly.
  • Don't let them get to you.
  • Bribe the children with food!!!!
  • I like to have theme days and fun activities for kids to do.
  • Be nice to the family.
  • Always bring a washcloth and a card with the parent's name on it. This can help if:
    a. Something gets spilled
    b. Your charge's face gets dirty
    c. There is an emergency and you need to know the address of your charge's house.
  • Just pretend you are a kid too and have fun.
  • Don't yell at the kids.
  • Don't leave the kids by themselves. Don't leave little toys around.
  • Make sure you play games with them. Play Nintendo 64 and watch plenty of movies.
  • Be careful.
  • Take a bag with toys for kids of all ages--safe for all ages. Kids love other people's toys!
  • I like to feel free and do whatever the kids want to do.
  • Always help kids with snacks so they don't make a mess with their food.
  • When the kids get really rowdy, you can calm them down by giving them something they like to drink and having them watch a little TV.
  • Have fun with them.
  • If kids are out of hand play a game called nap time.
  • I have none.
  • Always take something entertaining for the kids. You become their favorite baby-sitter. I put together a "Kid's Pak" that has various items in it. I vary it depending on the ages of the kids I will be baby-sitting. Most of the stuff I have collected from my old stuff or from my younger brother.
  • It's best if a child doesn't listen to give them a time amount to answer. Like if they don't want to go to their room say "I will give you 5 seconds to go to your room" then count "1...2...3...4...5."
  • I just pay attention to the kids.
  • Always be nice to the parents!!!!
  • I babysat for a 2 year old. The kid sleep the whole time and I still got paid.
  • Bring snacks.
  • Don't spank bad kids.
  • Don't get too frustrated with the kid(s). Even if he/she is a brat, just deal with them. ALWAYS think of something fun for you and the kid to do together.
  • Playing with those babies.
  • Always have something to keep kids busy, like watercolors or chalk.
  • Get involved and have fun.
  • Watch kids at all times, and check on them regularly while they are sleeping.
  • Straighten up their house--makes good impression. Play board games with the kids.
  • Send them to bed at a certain time according to age.
  • I don't mind taking care of kids. I know what it was like when I was there age. All they want to do is have fun. They will have fun as long as nothing is broken or messed up. They will be just fine.
  • Be firm with them.
  • Just have fun with the kid. Do what they want to do and watch whatever they want to watch. Make it fun for you and the kid, cause when the parents asks which baby-sitter the kid wants, you want them to say you. Also don't make it a chore, because then you know the kid won't want you to come back!
  • I like to play with the kid I baby-sit.
  • Do whatever the parent wants.
  • If a kid wants something, don't give it to them until they learn the magic words (please and thank you).
  • Be cool.
  • It's good if you do a lot of reading so you can have some stories handy. I've noticed that most of the kids I baby-sit for respond better to offbeat stories as opposed to Mother Goose stories. I never though I'd use my knowledge of Chinese folk legends and "The Monkey's Paw".
  • Be nice to the person.
  • I bring a pack of coloring books for the kids to color in if they get out of hand.
  • Start with older babies and learn about baby-sitting and then move down in ages.
  • Don't let the child(ren) watch television or play video games at least 20 minutes before bedtime. This gets them into the "shutdown" mode. Don't let them watch the Preview channel either. That way they won't know what's on, so they won't have anything to complain about!
  • Don't clean out the fridge.
  • Bring lollies but ask parents first. A little bribe always makes little kids behave.
  • Keep them busy and interested so they tell their parents they want you back.
  • If you are baby-sitting more than one child, be sure to spend the same amount with each child.
  • Don't fall asleep.
  • Candy works!
  • If you have a teething baby put a few tablespoons in the freezer. Keep all doors shut so the baby doesn't fall down the stairs.
  • My baby-sitting tip is to play with the kid when you are baby-sitting and be nice!!!!
  • If you love baby-sitting, it is right for you.
  • Play.
  • Don't let them snack before they eat supper.
  • Put them to bed early!
  • The kids are always right! (Unless they wanna do something dangerous)
  • Don't think you're a bad baby-sitter if you have to put a kid in the corner.
  • Let the kids to anything except dangerous or bad things.
  • If a kid gets snotty or impossible to control don't hesitate to call the parents otherwise the child will know he can push you around and continue to do it every time you baby-sit.
  • During the day, let the kids have a water balloon fight--it releases their energy and cools them off.
  • You should make a box for baby-sitting. In it, you should have activity stuff. Like you could have stuff to make birdfeeders (plastic bottle, glitter, glue, markers, sunflowers), or puppets (socks, buttons, markers), or picture frames (popsicle sticks, glue, paint.) special candy that they earn for being good, lots of construction paper, movies, tapes of TV shows the kids like, music to dance to, old makeup for little girls, magazines to cut up. anything fun that a kid would like to do you can put in there. beads, coins (like pennies.). kids REALLY love it. it's something they can look forward to so that having mom and dad go out for one night, is not the end of the world. the kids are happier, the parents are happier, you get more money, parents use you more.

    Also keep a book of appointments and phone numbers of parents. If you want, the night before you baby-sit, call the kid(s) and tell them you're coming over, tell them you're going to have fun, and is it okay with them? They'll usually say yes, and talk about it all day, Asking when you're going to come over. sorry I said to much!

  • Play with the kids.
  • Use reverse psychology.
  • I let the kids do quiet things such as a movie, reading books or playing games.
  • Play with the kids. Don't just sit around and do nothing.
  • Construction paper rules!! Toddlers can scribble, while other kids can draw pictures.
  • Never get them too excited before bed time!
  • Just have fun with them.
  • Always ask about the parent's rules for their children.
  • If your baby-sitting for 2 or more kids, try to keep them together so none of them get into trouble.
  • Have fun.
  • Always keep a supper god eye on the kids. You never know something might happen if you don't.
  • Always have a couple of extra ideas on what to do when the child you are watching gets bored. For example: You might want to put on a puppet show with them, so bring the materials to make it. Also, bring a candy bar with you and if the parent says it's okay, give it to him/her when they're good.
  • Build a fort and for an extra, if they're really good, let them eat a snack and dress up inside the play tent!
  • When you baby-sit make sure you make the house cleaner then it was when you got there. If they're nice they might give you a couple extra $DOLLAR$$.
  • Play with the kids.
  • When it's time to clean up, ask the kids what room they want to take care of. That way, they listen to you better and don't think you're bossy.
  • Get to know about the kids before you baby-sit them. (It really helps.) Good Luck!
  • Do what the kids like to do. (Nothing bad.)
  • Try to stay calm and have fun with the kids.
  • Always be confident. Make sure you have fun activities planned. Then the kids (as well as the parents) will LOVE you.
  • Spending alot of time outside. Little kids love it and they run all their energy out in just a couple hours. You can do the crafts, meals and even story time outside. When it's bad weather just have alot to do and you can't be picky about the children messing up the house.
  • Talk to the children, you will be amazed at what they have to say.
  • Try to have fun with the kids. Don't just baby-sit for the money or you'll find yourself wondering what time it is.
  • Don't let them boss you around.
  • If you haven't baby-sat before, ask the parent if you can come when they are not feeling too well like when they have a head-ache, and baby-sit the kids while the parent is at home. That's what I did, and it worked, without me having any problems!
  • Just be nice to the kids.
  • Take care of them like they were your own.
  • Kids like watching movies. Ask them what movie is their fave and put it on. It keeps the kids quiet and in control while you are all having fun.
  • Make sure you know what kinda kid your dealing with or your in for it. You got to know what the kid likes to play, what it likes to eat, everything it doesn't like to do.
  • Ask the parents (when making the appointment) what the kids like, then prepare games around that.
  • Keep the kids happy.
  • You have to love kids to be able to have fun baby-sitting.
  • Make friends with the kids. Be strict and make sure they have fun.
  • Never leave your eyes off them and do what they want to do. Keep asking them if they want to do something else.
  • Always clean up after the kids. Parents love that!!
  • Always tell the parents your maximum hours, how many kids you're willing to take care of and your payment before they decide to hire you.
  • Let the kid stay up a little later than their bed time.
  • I love playing with the kids. They have fun and love the attention!
  • Have updated references ready.
  • Do a very good job and you might get paid more.
  • Don't think of another thing if your sitting a baby and don't leave the baby alone if its awake or doing something.
  • Try taking walks or bike rides.
  • Don't turn you back!!!
  • My favorite baby-sitting trip was when I took two little girls to a carnival near their house. It was really fun.
  • Be firm and direct.
  • Keep the kids happy and you're all set.
  • Bring a kids kit. The kids love it. You can fill it with stuff for the kids.
  • Don't let the kids control you, you control them.
  • I always try to explain why they can't do something so they understand why they're not supposed to do whatever they did that was wrong.
Now it's your turn. Take the Babysitting Survey.


Babysitting Survey

We recently received a question asking how much kids make baby-sitting. Maybe you can help with the answer by completing the following survey:

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On the average, how much per hour do you make?

How much additional do you get for more than one kid?

How old are you?

Where do you live (city, country)?

If not responding in US dollars, what currency?

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