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Articles And Activities For Parents And Kids

Raising Money-Smart Kids: Allowance and Savings
From Carol Cujec,
Allowance essentials along with the value of saving.

Setting your kids' allowance
From Marshall Loeb,
Five fundamental rules of allowances.

What Experts Say About Allowances for Children
From Michelle M. Haas-Dosher
Answers to the age old allowance questions of What age? How much? How often? What for? How do you get them to save? Should you dock their pay?

Can I have an allowance?
From Dr. Tightwad (aka Janet Bodnar)
Answers to why, when to start and how much to give as well as advice on starting older kids on allowances.

From the North Dakota University Extension Service
Helpful articles from the Kids & Money newsletter for kids and their Money and Your Kids newsletter for parents.

Work/Allowance Survey
From Natalie Perrin and Scott Pierotti
Sixth graders survey fellow students on allowances and whether they work or are willing to work for them.

Making Allowances
Money 101, Kids and money,
Tips for parents on structuring successful allowances.

Allowance inflation
Money 101, Kids and money,
Parents can find out what their childhood allowance is worth in today's dollars.

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Kids' Money > Parents > Allowances > Web Resources

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