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Could this have been what Aristotle was thinking about when he said "The whole is more than the sum of the parts"? Of course it wasn't, but that old saying certainly applies to the combination of these two programs.

Together, they teach children the value of a dollar - in terms of earning it and using it.

Part I - Earn It, Learn It: Teach Your Child the Value of Money, Work and Time Well Spent

Earn It, Learn It gives your kids the chance to earn money as try their hand at fifty different careers from Accountant to Meteorologist to Zoologist. After they complete the tasks associated with each career, they get a pay day - just like Mom and Dad. In the process, they nurture their passion and discover the true joy of work. This book can help your kids explore a wide variety of career opportunities while they learn the valuable connection between work and money.

Part II - Allowance Magic: Turn Your Kids Into Money Wizards

This is where the rubber meets the road. With Allowance Magic, you develop a structure within which your kids make most of their own day-to-day financial decisions. In the process, they learn to plan their expenditures and shop for value. They also get in the habit of saving and sharing a portion of everything they get. This step-by-step workbook has everything you need to help your kids develop great money management skills and habits.

Buy them both today and supercharge your financial education efforts!

Kids' Money > Parents > Allowance > Tools

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